Do you take cash or card?

Please pay for your tattoo in cash, although deposit payments can be taken by card if needed. If you need to get cash out before your appointment, there are two cashpoints less than one minute’s walk from the studio. One is located outside Tesco Express, further up Prince of Wales Road, and the other is next to the Budgens further down.


Do I need to shave wherever I’m getting tattooed?

You can if you like, but we have disposable razors at the studio and as well as being professional tattoo artists, we are now all basically professional shavers-of-other-people as well. So don’t worry if you don’t have time, or you forget.


When will I see the design?

Due to how busy our tattoo artists are, designs will often only be finalised the day before or even day of your tattoo: however, for larger and more complex tattoos, you may be shown draft designs earlier on. To give your artist the best chance of getting it spot on first time, please share as much reference as possible where necessary.


Is my tattoo going to hurt?

Yes. How much it hurts to get tattooed will usually depend on whereabouts on your body the design is going, along with various other factors like how much of a hardnut you are.